We can look aesthetically pleasing on the outside but

what truly counts is what is happening on the inside.

One way we can heal from the inside is through

natural healing remedies using spices. For

me, feeling healthier with energy and less

inflammation trumps looking

good”. In all honesty, I use to think just the opposite and literally felt

crappy! I flipped the switch and focus more now on the inside.

Don’t get me wrong, I still train to

maintain lean muscle and strength.

It’s just that I’ve added healing spices, probiotic

supplementation, and other natural remedies that I

wasn’t applying before.


I’ve noticed I feel better internally. Not as tired and

achy from my arthritic and fascia related conditions.

My mood and smile

are much more genuine.

Not playing the “fake it till you make it” game as much anymore.

Let’s be real, sometimes that’s what we have a tendency to do in order to

get through the day in dealing with the public,

co-workers, family etc. and that

can be mentally exhausting. On the flip side though,

when we do smile through the pain than not, it’s a

much better choice by a mile. Start applying the

things that recharge you so that you can do less


You’ll realize how more authentic and productive

you are.

It starts with you and what’s going on inside. The

natural healing options

are just one piece of self care but very

important. My hope is the following

recommendations will be beneficial on your

health inside. Peace, Love and Good Health my Friends!

Here are some other options for you to check out through this Plant based Supplement company called IdealRaw.

I purchase from a few organic non gmo companies. This is my latest gig:) Here’s the link

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