“I’ve been in the Fitness industry for over 25 years and the evolving journey has been profound. I am very grateful to have experienced several forms of movement. As a professional dancer then entering the fitness arena, I obtained several certifications including nutrition and have combined the movement modalities I’ve learned to create a hybrid of training in both personal training and group classes. Currently, I’ve been focusing on Antigravity Aerial Fitness to strengthen and heal the body. I am very passionate about teaching people how to move intentionally and take care of their body from the inside out, striving for longevity and quality of life. I know from my own personal experience, that applying this mindset has made a substantial difference for me and my health. My journey continues and I am looking forward to taking you on your own personal Fitness path sharing my passion, philosophy and knowledge.”


-Kelli Piggee’

Owner & Trainer


“The future is predicted by what we do in the present” – inspired by Gandhi

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