Chances are that….you are developing “Text Neck” which was once originally known as “Computer Neck”…fast forward to today with our latest and greatest technology..Tada! The SMART phone. It may be smart, but we’re not if we don’t change the way we place our neck when texting or typing on a computer. I have personally felt this myself and it sucks! In fact, I was right before I started this article…that’s what prompted me to write it. I’m like…are you kidding me? You bark at your clients about every inch forward is 10 lbs. of pressue on the spine and you’re practicing a forward head posture and asking for a headache. Wake up Kell! what kind of role model are you?

In fact, I not only woke up and corrected my posture, I got up out of the chair and stretched. Closing thoughts for you…be aware of your posture as often as possible not just texting and typing but even when you’re standing patiently at the Bank…I hit the drive thru as much as possible..wink wink. But! the car, let’s slump in that comfy driver’s seat and create low back pain. Use your core! Sit up tall! Oh my word, I’m getting frustrated poor posture happens frequently in many situations!…deep breath….speaking of which is important as well! yes, deep diaphragmatic breathing. I’ll hit on that another day, another article because I need to get up out of this chair and stretch my neck!

Ok, I’m back….ahhh that couple minutes of standing up and performing that “wake up and get out of bed stretch” did the trick. Hint! So, let’s wrap this up: Create ideal posture as often as you can, get in your flexibility training whether it be Yoga, Pilates, foam rolling/flexibility stretch session, Tai chi or any other form of movement that you know will increase mobility and decrease pain. Oh, and I hope this blog wasn’t too much of a pain in the neck! Were you reading it on your phone or at a computer and just wondering was your head aligned with your spine?

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