Whether you currently or did have a young son, daughter, niece, nephew who would ask you “why this, why that” read on. Here’s generally how it played out. They would ask why blah blah blah and you would more than likely humbly reply with an educated answer usually starting with “because” only to find out that they would respond with “But why?” They would challenge you with every answer you fired back with and you hoped they would accept one of your responses with satisfaction, say “ok” and walk away.  LOL….But noooo, they would still ask why over and over again.  It was an endless “Why” conversation that would exhaust your brain if you allowed it until you finally said, or possibly raised your voice an octave having lost your patience, “Quit asking me why!” Go ask your Father or Mother whichever applied. 

What’s your Why?


Fast forward and let’s take a look how we can learn from those “Why” conversations we had with our littles. This could be the question you ask yourself if you own a business, have a fitness goal or really anything for that matter that you want to succeed in. If you want it to work for you, it’s pivotal that you know your why.  Let’s apply this to our Fitness goals for example. Why do you exercise? or Why aren’t you?  I can empathize, I can exercise no problem, but if I attach a specific goal to my fitness, it takes on a whole new meaning. This past year, it changed because LIFE took a shift and I’ve been focusing on my brick and mortar business. My workouts have changed but even if I can get in a quick 20 – 30 minute workout 3-4 x’s a week besides the mobility classes I teach, it’s better than not at all because I get crabby if I don’t get in some type of intentional movement every day. 

Find Your Why

So, I ask you to ask yourself the following: “What is my why?” Why do I really want to get into shape? Shape by the way has a pretty broad meaning. What constitutes being in shape? Ponder that for a brief minute. Why does it matter to me? Why would I pay a trainer or nutritionist to work with me? Are you hearing that youngins voice? AWESOME! You may have to dig a little and maybe not to FIND YOUR WHY. regardless, once you do, then take action. If you already are and getting the results you desire, then Fist pump to you! But if not,  define your “WHY”. Once you do, your training and nutrition will be taken to another level. It starts with “WHY” The littles were on to something. We are never too old to learn from the young.  

That’s all for now…..why? because I’ve repeatedly written in this blog, why this, why that, and I’m starting to annoy myself so just find your WHY.  Here’s an awesome read from Simon Sinek you can find on Amazon.  If you have never heard of him, he’s a must to have in your Youtube or Book arsenal. Click the link:) https://amzn.to/2DozdrS

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